Professional Snagging Service

We provide new build home inspections and snagging surveys across the north east of England

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New Build Homes Have Defects
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What We Do

We are a 100% independent building inspection, providing unbeatable service for an unbeatable price. Unlike many other snagging companies, we have zero ties with any new build home developer or contractor. And unlike many other snagging companies, we offer a FREE roof and gutter survey with every new build inspection.

Get your new build home inspection booked to day and have piece of mind that your new home is in good hands 

About NES

NES are a new snagging inspection company with a core mission of letting no new home go un-snagged. We are a team of ex tradesmen, construction managers and finishing foreman with years of experience in the new build housing sector. Based in the North East of England our goal is for all new build homes in the region to have a independent snagging inspection carried out pre or prior completion of the sale

DIY Snagging Report

In alignment with our mission statement, we will let no new build home go un-snagged. That’s why we have created the “do it yourself” snagging manual. Inside this snagging manual you will find information on how to carry a snagging inspection yourself. Sure the inspection will not be as detailed and as thorough as if one of our experts did it, but any inspection is better than no inspection

Making a Booking Is Easy

Booking your new build home inspection has never been as easy.

step 1

Simply choose the inspection package for your type of house, pay the deposit and choose a date to suit you

step 2
The inspection

We will arrive on the day agreed and carry out the snagging survey. This will take around 2-5 hours

step 3

You will receive your snagging report within 24 hours of the inspection. Giving you instant peace of mind