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We’re honoured to be known as one of Sheffield’s top snagging companies. Our highly skilled professional snaggers are dedicated to conducting meticulous snagging surveys for new builds throughout the city. Our snagging surveyors carry out thorough inspections of your property, pinpointing any potential problems, and preparing a comprehensive snagging list for you to provide to your developer.

High quality reports, high quality service.

We've made the snagging process for new builds straightforward, enabling you to effortlessly confirm the quality of your home.

We provide a convenient online booking system in Sheffield, enabling you to effortlessly select a suitable date for a comprehensive snagging inspection. Within just 24 hours of our expert snagging surveyors completing the inspection, you’ll receive an in-depth snagging report outlining any defects or issues we’ve discovered in your new build.

Our services offer a stress-free and efficient solution for anyone in Sheffield seeking to confirm the quality and value of their home. Armed with extensive knowledge and advanced technology, our professional snaggers are adept at identifying issues that could easily be overlooked by those without specialised training. Whether you need assistance in spotting new build defects or just want to feel secure about your recent purchase, our snagging surveys in Sheffield are the perfect answer.

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Our reports are competitively detailed across Sheffield.

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To keep it simple for you we offer you a choice of two packages. A light inspection checks and identifies any key areas for concern you don’t want to have in a new build home. A more detailed inspection ensures your new build meets the standards you have paid for. Find further information on the packages here.

Sheffield Snagging Inspections

Our primary objective is to give you peace of mind and confidence in your new build investment. We have a team of highly skilled inspectors on hand to ensure that your home complies with all necessary regulations and standards. Our reports are both thorough and straightforward, making it easy to identify any issues. Of course, if you have any questions, we’re always here to assist you.


A snagging survey is a thorough inspection of a new build property carried out by a professional snagger. It identifies any defects or issues, both minor and major, that need to be addressed by the developer. These could range from cosmetic issues, like chipped paint or uneven tiling, to more serious structural problems.

It is ideal to have a snagging survey conducted before you move into your new build home, but it can also be done within the first few weeks of occupancy. Most developers will fix snags identified in this period as part of their warranty, but it is important to check the terms of your specific agreement

Professional snaggers have a keen eye for detail and expertise in building regulations and standards. They can identify issues that might go unnoticed by an untrained eye. They can provide you with a detailed snagging report, making it easier for you to get the developer to address any issues before you move in.

A snagging report will list all the issues identified during the snagging survey. This can range from minor cosmetic issues like cracks in plaster, missing paint, or misaligned fixtures, to major structural problems. Each issue will be clearly listed and categorized, making it easy for the developer to address them.

After the survey, you will receive a detailed snagging report, which you can then pass on to your developer. The developer should address the snags listed in the report within a reasonable timeframe as part of their warranty agreement. Be sure to check the terms of your specific agreement for any timelines or limitations on snagging repairs.

Client Reviews

Our customers agree that we are a 5 star service!

I bought a new build house and someone recommended NE Snagging to do the snagging survey. Jamie was really helpful in getting me booked in with Andy despite being really busy. Andy came and did the survey, I trusted him with my key (I was at work so could not be there). Anyway survey done professionally and quite a few things picked up that I never noticed. It was so worth getting it done for peace of mind. And I now can rest easy knowing my house has been built as it should. The detailed report with pictures came to me the next day after payment had cleared. I had a few questions after, and Andy was very good at responding to my queries. We went with North East Snagging as the online reviews were great and they were competitively priced. It was easy to use their online booking system, which requires a small deposit at the time of booking. We were able to get an appointment easily and quickly and on a Saturday morning, the day after we received the keys. Paul attended and did a thorough job throughout, pointing out and explaining the main issues - pleased to say they were minor and cosmetic! We received a full and extensive report upon payment of the final balance, by early Monday morning. A very professional and responsive team and great service. Would highly recommend.
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We chose to have our new build snagged by North East Snagging and we are glad that we did. We had compiled a list of obvious issues beforehand but having an independent company solidify these concerns as well as pick up on others we would have never ever have been considered or noticed (disconnected pipe from shower in attic for steam) certainly gave our complaints the gravitus needed to ensure prompt rectification and gave us peace of mind. The employee that carried out the work was pleasant and helpful and easy to communicate with and it was fine promptly. Overall we are confident that we made the right decision and it has without doubt aided work being done around the house for various badly done and rushed jobs in the build that just weren’t up to standard.
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We had Paul attend our new build to do an inspection and report. Really nice chap. His inspection was clearly very thorough and the report was great to hand straight to the builders. Worth every penny & would highly recommend !
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Fantastic service from Jamie, and he was friendly and professional. Jamie completed a thorough and detailed inspection on our new build, and his snagging report was just as good. We would highly recommened North East Snagging!
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