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Snagging is the process of identifying defects (snags) within a property. In our case, we inspect your new build home for snags.

A professional has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to thoroughly inspect your home and ensure you are getting exactly what you expect and paid for from your developer. Just as a professional mechanic has advanced skill and knowledge over an ordinary car buyer to report that a car is in full running order before purchase, we are experienced in spotting issues that you as a homebuyer might be likely to miss.

The most convenient time to have the inspection completed is prior to legal completion; this allows the developer to complete works detailed on the report prior to you moving in. 


However, some house builders have a policy of not allowing snagging inspections prior to completion and in this circumstance, it is recommended that we inspect as soon as possible after your completion. However, we can complete an inspection of your property up to 2 years after completion. Your home will still be under warranty period during this time and it allows the house to settle and potential defects to show which may not have been visible previously.

The time taken for the snagging inspection survey to complete depends on the size of the property and the quality of the build.

The average time to complete the inspection of a 4 bed house is 4 – 5 hours. For a 2-bedroom apartment 2 – 3 hours. We do not charge per hour, so the price is set regardless of the time taken to complete the inspection.

We take time to look at all parts of the property that can be visually assessed. These include things such as cosmetic issues, plumbing (leaks), electrical (faults & compliance) and external finishing. We also help ensure your property is compliant with technical standards and building regulations.

Our aim is to ensure your property is the quality you were promised and expected.