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NES Core Mission Statement

North East Snagging mission statement and DIY Snagging List

Our mission statement is: To Let No New Build Home Go Un-Snagged.

For far too long fat cat new build housing developers have been getting away with handing over new build properties that are either incomplete and or have poor workmanship defects (snags) on them.

That’s why we have made it our mission to hold these developers accountable by letting no new build home go un-snagged

You see the sad truth is that your brand new beautiful home will have many snags. Some of these snags will be obvious finishing snags, such as patchy paintwork or missing caulk, but there may also be more severe snags that are less obvious. Missing insolation perhaps that could have a major impact on keeping your home warm and cool.

Unless these snags are identified and presented to your developer, then they will never be fixed by your developer. They  probably don’t even know if there are any snags in your home.

That’s why you must snag your home.

Your developer is obligated to fix any defects in your home for up to two years, and you are covered by the insurance policy with NHBC for up to ten years.

So even if our professional snagging service prices are out of your budget, or you think its too late because you already completed months ago, please do not let your home go un-snagged. You still have time and we have the resources to help you.

Download our free DIY Snagging List and Manual Today

This isn’t no small snagging checklist like other companies offer
This is a snagging manual with teeth

Inside this free report we provide you with everything you need to carry out snags on 95% of your home. Including:

A comprehensive snagging checklist, “we don’t want you to miss anything so we made this very detailed”

  • Tools checklist for conducting the snagging survey
  • How to present the snagging list to your developer for maximum effectiveness.

With this manual you will be able to create a professional snagging report to present to your developer 

Download the Manual Today and get your New Build Home Snagged