Looking for a snagging survey in Middlesbrough?

Middlesbrough is a sporting city, known for football, it’s sporting village, swim centres and leisure centres. As well as maintaining a fit lifestyle, there is plenty to do to keep you entertained with cinemas, Museums and lots of other fun things to do in this friendly city. With so many new build locations, which we have carried out snagging surveys, there are lots of choices for your new home depending on your location needs. You can check out new build developments in Middlesbrough here.


Why get a snagging survey in Middlesbrough


Middlesbrough is a celebrated multicultural city, which also means there are lots of choices to entertain everyone. This mix of culture and interest has instigated new build developments across the city. 


A common worry new-build buyers have about their home is that the whole building process seemed to complete rather quickly. Time is money and new-build developers and their contractors have targets to hit in order to attain maximum profit. However, this rush can often mean defects are caused or some work is left incomplete.


The good news is that major defects in Middlesbrough new-build developments don’t come around too often, however, minor defects are much more common. You have a two-year window to report any defects to your developer for them to repair or if left it can become a long term cost for you. We recommend you get a snagging inspection done as soon as you get the key, preferably before any furniture is in the house.


Hiring a snagging inspection from a professional like NES will not only give you peace of mind that your new home is in good standing order, but we will also find any defects and present these to your developer in a snagging report. You only have two years to report defects to your developer, so act now.


How much does a snagging inspection cost?


NES offers one simple snagging package that starts from £320. The price only varies with the size of your house. You can see our full price list here     


Want to know more?   If you have any questions regarding your snagging survey, then please get in touch. You can contact us via messenger or call us anytime. Also, check out our new build snagging FAQ’s for more information