sunderland city at night before snagging survey

Looking for a snagging survey in Sunderland?

  Sunderland is a quickly transforming City, with a final place in the 2021 UK City of Culture awards it has a lot to offer in terms of arts, film, theatre and music to heritage, food, craft and sport. For information on the City’s bid for 2021 click here.   Whether you want to see a West End sized theatre production in the Sunderland Empire, explore Penshaw Monument or see the annual air show at coastal areas Whitburn, Seaburn and Roker; there is lots to keep you entertained in this vibrant and friendly city. Sunderland is becoming an increasingly popular choice for new home buyers. This is both due to the council’s increasing investment into the city and the fractional property prices in comparison to its Tyne rivals, Newcastle.   You can check out new build developments in Sunderland here.    

Why get a snagging survey in Sunderland?

The council have proven a keen interest to improve economic growth in the city with the recent development of The Stack as the latest addition to improve tourism in the Seaburn coastal area. This has instigated new build developments across the sea front and other parts of Sunderland too.   Popular areas close to the city centre including Pennywell and more rural areas near Penshaw Monument including Houghton-Le-Spring are all seeing new build estates jump up wanting a piece of this developing city. One of the most common observations people have about new build houses is that “they go up very quickly”, and they do because time is money. It’s great to have a new build you can move into as soon as possible, but this rush almost always means there are defects within the property.   Thankfully, major defects are very rare in Sunderland. Minor defects, unfortunately, are not so rare and it’s important to get your developer to action these within the two-year time limit or it can be a long term cost to you. Getting a snagging inspection from a professional like NES will not only give you peace of mind that your new home is in good standing order, but we will also find any defects and present these to your developer in a snagging report. You only have two years to report defects to your developer, so act now.    

How much does a snagging inspection cost?

  NES offers one simple snagging package that starts from £320. The price only varies with the size of your house. You can see our full price list here     Want to know more?   If you have any questions regarding your snagging survey, then please get in touch. You can contact us via messenger or call us anytime. Also, check out our new build snagging FAQ’s for more information