snagging company

What is a snagging company?

A snagging company will inspect a property or building for defects on new building works. They specialise in finding defects in new construction work.

For example: you buy a brand new house and the construction is complete, the builder has completed their works and they are ready to hand you the keys. The house should be perfect, but it probably won’t be…

If you look closely you will find little defects in your house called snags

This is where a snagging company like NES comes in, you hire a snagging company to conduct an independent survey for you, the house buyer.

A snagging company will then conduct an inspection of your property called a snagging survey.

You then pass this survey on to the developer who is obliged to fix any snags on your new build home within a 24 month period of you buying the house.

Why hire a snagging company?

You may wonder why hire a professional snagging service when you can do it yourself. There are many snagging check lists on the internet that you can use.

Heck we have the best one on the internet, the NES snagging manual

So why choose to pay a company like NES to conduct a snagging survey?

The bottom line is because we are professionals, and we know what we are looking for.

A good snagging company will find defects not seen by the naked eye, we use specialist equipment such as thermal imaging to find defects in your home, which you will not have available

Just as you would pay a mechanic to look at your car, or a dentist to look at your teeth, a good snagging professional will be an expert in their field.

Buying a new house is probably the biggest financial investment you will make in your life, a professional snagging survey will give you the peace of mind that you have got that dream home you paid for.

When is the best time to get a new build snagging survey?

Ideally, the best time for you to get a snagging survey is before you exchange with your developer. This way you can find any defects before you move and ask for them to be fixed

However… most developers will not allow this

Purely because it may cause a delay in the exchange of contract. If the snagging survey unearths a serious defect, this may put the buyer off from completing.

The second best time is once you have received the keys and before you have moved in. The less furniture in the house the better. With no furniture in the house the developer cannot claim that any damage to your walls etc is from you moving in.

It is also beneficial for the inspector, with less obstacles in the way we are able to inspect 100% of your property.

What happens after the snagging survey?

As soon as we finish the inspection we will get busy working on your report. Usually we will have this to you within 24 hours. We will send the report to you for you to pass on to your developer, we can also send it directly to your developer if you wish.

Your developer is obliged to fix any defect in your house within the 24 month warranty period.

How much do snagging surveys cost?

We price based upon how many bedroom the property has. This is the easiest way to price a snagging inspection. You can find our prices here

How do I book an inspection?

Making a booking is easy, you can use our online booking form or simply give us a call. A simple £50 deposit  secures the booking with the remaining balance due after the inspection.

Snagging company summary

So in summary getting a snagging inspection of your new home is definitely worth it. The peace of mind knowing that your new home in good order is worth the price alone.

You could save thousands on potential costs to fix problems that have gone under the radar and developed into something bigger over time.